photos:  Kathleen Martel and Virginia Lam                                      .

For nearly 30 years, Young Voices Toronto (formerly High Park Choirs) has been supporting children with a passionate, professional, and unique choral program for them to develop their musical abilities- all while promoting inclusiveness, joy, teamwork, leadership, cultural diversity and friendship. 

Why Sing With Us?

Young Voices Toronto offers a unique comprehensive music education program that encompasses professional voice training, musicianship based on a solid foundation in music theory, healthy singing techniques, movement, teamwork, leadership skills, and camaraderie. Young Voices Toronto is the Children’s Choir-in-Residence at the University of Toronto, resulting in music collaborations, workshops, and performances with one of the top educational institutions in North America. YVT also performs with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, is frequently invited to perform at Roy Thompson Hall. In 2012 YVT was selected to perform at the National Choral Symposium-Podium in Ottawa and in 2014, we were invited to be the demonstration choir at World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia with over 450 international choirs! Artistic Director Zimfira Poloz is an internationally-recognized educator, conductor, and adjudicator with numerous awards in her long career, including the Honoured Representative of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Award, the city of Hamilton’s V.I.P. Award, and the Leslie Bell Prize Award for Choral Conducting from the Ontario Art Council. She is invited regularly to serve as clinician for festivals, lead workshops for educators, and jury International Choir Competitions around the globe. And most importantly, we are concerned about developing the intrinsic motivation to participate in a musical ensemble.  We build our program on our understandings of child and adolescent development, youth leadership and friendship. AND we like to have a lot of fun! 
Young Voices Toronto is not just another musical ensemble, it is an enriching and edifying educational experience. More than an incredible learning opportunity, our daughter has gained confidence and an understanding of the power of being part of something larger than herself and of making music as part of a caring and supportive community. Zimfira is an extraordinary teacher who draws out the best from the choristers with kindness, encouragement, and an astonishing musicality that she plants on the choristers one melody at a time. She challenges the choristers with exciting contemporary music that makes every concert a thrilling surprise.”
–  Parent and Associate Professor for the Arts in Education,
University of Toronto
“My time at YVT has been one of the most musically and
socially enriching experiences that I have ever had…
Unbreakable bonds through the love of music”
– Susanna, chorister
“You build skills, like memorization – and you don’t even realize it
until you have to use them in a different facet of your life
– Annika, chorister
“… I have seen many choirs and choir directors in many countries,
and I will stand on your coffee table in my dress shoes and say
that what is happening with Zimfira Poloz is something special,
something gorgeous, and anybody who supports what is happening
will be well, well rewarded.”
  – Stephen Hatfield, acclaimed Canadian choral composer

 Young Voices Toronto is a not-for-profit organization.